The Biggest Secret Of Attracting “Hard to Get” Women

This Secret Will Make You Say "Whaaat??!?" 

If you talk to any number of hot girls and approach them, you will start to see one thing over and over - she is going to test you. If you fail these tests, you will not hook up with her. Period. You will join the piles of men she's had to reject because they weren't confident enough.

The GOOD news is that there is a way to pass these tests nearly 100% of the time.  

This program is called The Tao of Badass by Josh Pellicer and the question is, can this program work for you? After reviewing the course, I would most certainly say yes. If you are struggling with women or not happy with the quality or quantity of women you have in your life you owe it to yourself to do something.

This “gold fish secret” is THE #1 thing you MUST understand if you’re serious about creating instant attraction with your “type” of woman, no matter how hot she is.  

The GOLD FISH Video of The Biggest Secret Of Attracting “Hard to Get” women
Warning! This video has been called “Extremely Controversial”. It documents powerful hidden “seduction triggers” that Sexually Turn Women On without their knowledge. While these techniques are technically legal, we urge you… only use them with women you want to become obsessed with you.

GO newsis, that there is a way to pass these tests nearly 100% of the time.  

Super Ninja: 8 minutes in, Josh reveals a weird (but proven) method to making HOT women lick their lips and think  

It's funny because The Tao of Badass not only relates to being successful with women, but being successful in other areas of life as well. If you are able to boost your confidence and improve your outlook on life, you will see more benefits than just waking up to a hot girl a couple times a week. I mean, having more women in your bed is great... I am just saying you'll get more than you bargain for.

The Tao of Badass is generally a guide about the art, structure and principles of attracting hot women. 

It is a step-by-step guide that teaches men how to make the right moves and empowers men so they are confident in their self. It helps men to reveal the inner challenge that most men have and must overcome to achieve the goal. It not only helps to promote confidence but has tips to help gain confidence and show men how to be one step ahead at all times. The Tao of Badass also explains the major personalities of men that will be the competition just for the sake of you knowing what you could be up against. 

Even know the title of the book is 'The Tao of Badass: Everything You Have to Know to be a Complete Badass with Women', it doesn't teach men to become a complete douche. It helps you learn and develop not just the knowledge and skills, but the right attitude and outlook that will help you get the woman ahead of the other guys. 

It offers the most effective ways to seduce a woman or maybe two, using real life scenarios and situation, while pointing you the opposite way away from the clichéd moved and cheesy pickup lines.

Now unlike the "be yourself" approach, The Tao of Badass provides a system for you. Each phase of the system has several steps. There's no getting lost here. Each piece has it's purpose and there are great explanations as to why people have trouble in each spot. For example, why she's not qualifying herself even though you think she's into you. You're going to have a lot of "A-Ha" moments... that's good.

Along with confidence, attracting women has a lot to do with body language. In other words, how you project yourself. You'll quickly find out how to position yourself for maximum attractiveness. And this isn't a joke. Approaching in a confident way with great posture, slow movement and a powerful voice will yield you significantly better results than approaching in a closed-off and quiet manner.

The only real downside to Josh Pellicers The Tao of Badass is that he doesn't touch on humor. Humor is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to dating and meeting new women. That's okay though, humor is only 5% of it. The remaining 95% is given to you. That's more than enough to be wildly successful with girls.